Groom Stops The Ceremony Mid-Way And Runs Outside And His Bride Can’t Stop Laughing 3k

Siblings love pranking each other from as early as they can, as kid they’ll find ways to wind each other up and more constructed and planned pranks as they grow older.

Stuart and Robert have been a pair of pranksters all their lives, Stuart loves playing jokes and has a very warm, light-hearted personality that made his bride-to-be Vicky fall for him in the first place.

Stuart knew that the wanted to plan something big on his wedding day, a prank that would topple all others and have everyone on the edge of their seats. Everyone knew he would get up to something but never found out, Stuart kept his ideas a well guarded secret, making the suspense all the more greater.

When the time came for Stuart’s brother, Robert, to hand over the rings, he was panicked that he never received them in the first place. The vicar, who was in on the prank, urged Stuart to hurry home and pick up the rings to make the marriage legal.

And so Stuart’s prank began with hilarious twists all the way through it.

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