Groom Paused The Wedding And Turned To His Bride. He Began Singing To Her And It’s Beautiful! 1k

Everyone wants their wedding to be something to remember for the rest of their days, a day so perfect that it will be the highlight of their lives. There’s so much planning that is involved in making the perfect day, but it’s the unexpected things that make a wedding memorable.

This groom and bride had just finished their ceremony, and were preparing to leave the church and start their new lives together, but there was one thing left to do. Before walking out, the groom called over the choir to stand beside him, as the Bride looked on with no idea with what was going on.

Source: Youtube

He had long known that one of her favorite songs was Elton John’s, “Can You Feel The Love Tonight”, so he practiced for weeks to perfect it and hit the harmonies right. He was nervous at first, but once he started, he focussed on giving it his best for his bride. You can see by her expression, she was left pleasantly surprised!

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