Grieving Mom Charged With Parking Ticket Tells Judge She Lost Her Son, Breaks Down At His Response 7k

For Andrea life was only getting worse and worse after her son died in the spring of 2016. She had parking tickets dating back from 2004, which she wasn’t even aware of but that wasn’t a big issue since they were only minor fines. It was after her son passed away that life got tough for her and everything started piling up on her. As she was in a social security office sorting out some of her son’s finances and debts, she received another ticket. Not long after she was evicted from her home and took the matter up in court, but went back to her car to find yet another ticket. It seemed like she would always be unlucky, being moments late returning to her car after busy work to find tickets constantly issued. “It’s like I can’t win,” she told the judge with tears in her eyes.

Judge Frank Caprio is known for his method of putting humanity first and always aims to find a resolution thats happy for everyone. When he heard Andrea’s story, he had to do something about it that left her in tears.

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