Grandpa Poses Next To His Dream Car In A Parking Lot. Then He Discovers Something Shocking 4k

Everyone has that one dream item that you wish you could have but chances are, won’t ever have the opportunity to. For many people it’s a dream house, dream car or even dream holiday. We often expect surprises to be something small to make us smile, but some go out of their way to make others’ dreams come true.

Michael Green, a famous Youtuber, wanted to make both of his dad’s wishes come true. He dad wished to have a nice big house and his old car that he drove as a teenager. He knew that those would never happen, but that’s what dreams are.

Not long ago, Michael gathered up enough money to buy his dad his dream house and it left him in tears. Now, he’s back to make his father’s other dream come true: his old car.

He searched around for months to find the exact same car his dad drove when he was a teen, a 1955 Chevy Bel Air, and wanted to surprise him with it. He took his dad to a local parking lot where they ‘accidentally’ walked past it and his dad began breaking down over how much he missed his.

That’s when the Michael and his fiancĂ© got ready to give dad one of the biggest surprises of his life.

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