Grandpa Jumps Off A Diving Board And Leave The Judges Crying From Laughter 2k

“You are only as old as you feel” is a statement that so many of us live by. We shouldn’t let our age define us but rather the lifestyle we live! For one man, Vladamir Georgivsky, he certainly feels a lot younger inside than his appearance shows!

He always had a knack for making others laugh and doing comedy acts but never thought it would get him far in life. He was never any good at singing or dancing and thought he would never get a career in the theatre like he always dreamed of, until he discovered acrobatics!

He’s taken his acrobatics and paired it with his great sense of humour to create an act that you might remember from back in the days, Larry Griswold in 1951. It’s nice to see it brought back to life.

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