Grandma’s Favorite Song Comes On As She’s Cooking, Grandson Has To Record Her 8k

Ever get the urge to burst into dance when one of your favorite songs comes n? This grandma, Clara Rossi, couldn’t stop herself when she was cooking dinner and one of her all time favourite’s “La Pollera Amarilla” by Gladys La Bomba Tucumana was playing on the radio and her grandson, Joaquin Etcheverry had to get his phone out and record her move like she was 30!

The great thing is she doesnt go half hearted with the dancing either, she puts her hips and legs into the movements like a pro and for a brief moment of time she felt like she was back in high school disco, completely forgetting the world around her for a moment. The seventy-four year old doesn’t mind that she’s being recorded, in fact she encourages him to get the entire performance, and even pulls os some special moves for everyone to see.

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