Grandma Collapses And Cant Get Up, Then Her Dog Looks At Her And Runs Out The House 1k

It’s good to know theres someone by your side who cares for you, and might even end up saving your life one day. 91-year-old Doris Jenkins was doing her usual routine for the evening, changing into her night gown and getting ready to get into bed, but not before taking her night time medication. She took off her medical alert bracelet and put it on her night stand, something she wears the whole day incase she needs immediate medical assistance. As she went over to the medicine cabinet to pick out her medication, she suffered an unusual reaction to it and it left her on the floor in agonizing pain.

She couldn’t stand up and couldn’t use her voice, but in her pain she managed to crawl to her front door and opened it. That’s when her Shih Tzu dog, Oreo, noticed something was very wrong and ran to check up on her.

“I just took him in my arms and I said, ‘Oreo, mommy’s hurting really bad honey. You’ve got to go get help for mommy, go get help.’”

So as he was told, Oreo ran outside the front door and to a local caretakers house, a place he was familiar with as he likes to explore outside. The caretaker noticed something was wrong for Oreo to be at his door at the time of the evening, so he rushed over to find Doris on the floor and in pain, immediately calling an ambulance.

“Oreo saved my life. I would have died. My lady said she had to come pull him, literally pull him out of my arms. He wouldn’t leave me.”

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