Grandma Asks Family To Help Her Lie Down On Snow. Her Next Move Has Everyone Smiling 245

We all like to do something memorable on our birthdays. Whether it’s going out to a special place or being with special people, we want it to feel like birthday.

This 85-year-old grandma had a very different birthday request though. Instead of the usual, going out for a meal with her kids and grandkids, she wanted to take a detour before that to do something she hadn’t done in years.

It has snowed recently and it was bringing back a lot of memories to her, how she used to play in the snow, make snow figures, have snowball fights and her favorite of all, making snow angels.

She wanted to make one more snow angel, since she had forgotten what it even felt like to lie down on snow. Her family helped her lie down, and the joy overwhelmed her as she was able to make a snow angel like she did when she was a girl.

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