Girls Played A Cruel Prank On Teen For Homecoming, But Her Friends Had The Perfect Plan 2k

Teens love playing pranks on each other, but sometimes they get taken a step too far. A group of teens from Grand Prairie High School in Texas thought it would be hilarious to tell another student, who was often picked on, that she was going to be nominated as homecoming queen at school.

Lillian Skinner was over the moon that she was actually going to be nominated for it, but she never knew the truth that it was one big cruel prank against her. Her two friends, Anahi Alvarez and Naomi Martinez, heard what happened and wanted to set things straight. They made a plan to actually give Lillian the homecoming title if they won it themselves.

And it all played out perfectly, Anahi did win the title of homecoming queen but she passed it on to Lillian, who was over the moon and left the pranksters down and out.

When Ellen DeGeneres heard of what happened and the teens’ commitment to helping their friend, she wanted to give something to all of them.

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