Farmer Begins Dancing To “Cheap Thrills” And For A Very Good Reason 1k

You never really need a reason to kick off into dance mode, in fact more of us should dance when we feel like it, no matter where we are. Jay Lavery is an avid farmer and often finds it getting cold in the barn and his remedy to stay warm is by dancing his feet off.

He always have the energy to dance and loves the beauty of being able to dance since he was in a worse place over 15 years ago when he suffered a traumatic back injury. It led him to having multiple operations and surgeries, including a disectomy, and has been living with constant pain since. He find yoga as a way to meditate himself and therapeutic, it helps numb the pain for him.

Here he is dancing it off to “Cheap Thrills” by Sia and we absolutely love it!

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