Family Of 5 Live In A Schoolbus, Wait Until Dad Shows You What’s Inside 8k

Brian and Starla Sullivan got fed up with their ever increasing rent and bills at their apartment in Renton, Washington. They knew staying as they were that they’d never achieve their goal of becoming homeowners and had to do something about that as soon as possible. Together they spent just over $2,000 purchasing an old school bus.

They began spending all of their free time after work and on weekends converting it into their home, furnishing it with everything you would expect from a family home, if not more. “We laughed, we yelled, we spent our first year of marriage building our dream home together with our bare hands… And we are still married,” Starla jokes.

They;ve have many critics about living in a bus and raising their kids in it, but it has everything a normal home would have, and they get to save a lot more money to save for a house and to spend on the kids. In total, the renovation cost over $30,000 with a year to complete, but they now have a place where they can live comfortably.

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