Family Lived In The Same House For 70 Years, The New Owners Received A Shock When They Walked Inside 3k

It’s almost as if you’re walking into a time capsule when you take a look at this farm house, which has remained untouched since the 1940’s.

With over half a thousand items, including cooking equipment, furniture, toys and everything else you’d expect to find in a home, this house has a unique story behind it.

‘Grange Farm’ was left to two siblings, Jack and Audrey Newton, by their parents at the time of their passing. They lived in it for over 80 years together, without once renovating or changing anything over that time.

Both siblings went through their lives unmarried and had no children, meaning the enormous nine bedroom house was often silent as they occupied a small corner of it for themselves.

After Jack passed away in March, the house was left vacant and there were no relatives to inherit the farm house, so it was placed up for auction.

However, when the auction house appraisers entered the house, they were stunned when they learned everything was dated back to the 1940’s. The pictures they took gained a lot of attention, and it went viral!

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