Ex-Homeless 54 Year Old Man Leaves Simon Cowell In Awe With His Remarkable Voice 1k

Not many people still have the ambition to follow the dreams once they’ve aged past 50, but for Herbie Russ, his life was finally getting together and he was ready to face his future.

Surprisingly, he learned most of his talent on the streets, literally, as he was homeless before in his life, and it was his saxophone that kept him going even in his rough days. The years of practice he had with it made him an expert saxophonist, ready to wow the judges.

The one thing the judges noticed instantly was Herbie’s confidence as he approached the microphone, a moment that usually makes others nervous. His outstanding confidence didn’t stop there though, as he got into performing almost instantly.

His choice of song, “With A Little Help From My Friends”, was a great choice, he was able to replicate it perfectly! It was enough to get a standing ovation and even two of the judges jumped up from their chairs to applaud him.

“Everything you’ve been through in your life, you allowed that to live on stage, and that was absolutely incredible.”

Simon was happy to say that his voice was unbelievable, and noted that he sounded just like Joe Cocker, and we have to agree! A well deserved entry to the next round.

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