Everyone Waits Quietly For The Bride’s Entrance. When She Walks In, There’s Not A Dry Eye In Sight 26k

Wedding days are one of the most memorable days in anyones life, it’s when you can finally be joined with your other half and become one. So many factors go into a great wedding, but it always comes down to the bride, groom, family and friends.

Jennifer Darmon had been looking forward to her wedding for ages and wanted to do something special, almost out of a fairy tale. She had suffered a terrible car accident in 2008, with the van she was sitting in left rolling down a ditch. She had severely spinal injuries and was left paralysed from that moment on.

Her boyfriend, Mike Belawetz, was an angel and stuck by her side all the time, making sure she got everything she wanted and being her guardian. She broke into tears when he finally proposed to her, it was the best news she had in years.

It became Jennifer’s goal to get herself able to walk down the aisle. The video recorded her doing just that, and leaving all the guests and her groom thoroughly surprised.

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