Everyone Thought He Was A Joke Because Of What He Wore, But Once He Started Singing, He Left Everyone Speechless 5k

Jon Henrik Fjallgren is reindeer herder by trade, spending most of his life doing that. Following the passing of his close friend, he decided to sing on the local talent show, in his memory. When he first appeared on stage with this attire, people took him for a joke. But once he started to sing, everyone was left speechless at the amazing voice.

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This is the translation up until he starts performing, if you are unable to load YouTube’s captions/subtitles:

My name is Jon Henrik Fjällgren and I live in Mittådalen, and I work as a reindeer caretaker. To work as a reindeer caretaker is hard work. You get up early in the morning and get home late in the evening. And there is night work too.

– the clothes you are wearing is that a folk costume (folkdräkt) or what do you call it?
– yes it is a folk costume.
-how do you make them? Have you made yours?
-it’s my mom who makes these.

I was 3 months old when I was adopted from Colombia to Sweden. Growing up I was a bit teased/bullied, and it continued up until I was 15 or 16 years old.
It could have been because I was from a different country, or that I was Same (which is a Nordic folk group). And I had reindeer I took care of and such.

On stage

Male judge: -who are you?
Jon Henrik Fjällgren is my name.
Female judge: -what a lovely hat you have, it’s absolutely fantastic!
2nd male judge: Caroline has one just like it..hehe

Female judge: your outfit is for real very nice! You become curious right away when you step up in what is going to happen, what we are going to see.

Male: – what are you going to do?

I am going to Joik(certain kind of vocalizing) it’s my best friends….for my best friend who passed away.
Male: – is it something you’ve made yourself?
-yes, everything I have made myself.

A lot of really difficult things have happened in my life, but the worst was when my best friend Daniel passed away. When Daniel died, I sat outside his house, and I sat down and prayed actually. And then when I sat there and cried, then he answered me with this Join. And it landed in my head and after I sang it it felt so much better. So he helped me move forward. I want to honor Daniel tonight and his family. For the person he was.

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