Entire Class Dressed Up In Robes And Have Everyone Laughing At Their Performance 2k

It’s not easy to stand up and perform in front of a large numbers of guests who are constantly looking at you while you perform. It can give many stage fright but for others it is an opportunity to give the crowd what the want.

Normally that would be dancing or singing or a magic show, but this choir has something quite unique to perform.

For their previous performances that night, it’s all been hymns and classical music performances, so they threw in this funny performance to make the audience laugh a little. They started a song that only consisted of making cat noises, “meow”.

The song is originally called ‘Duet buffo di due gatti’, which translates to ‘The funny duet for two cats’, created by Gioachino Rossini, a composer form the early 1800’s.

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