Elephant Lost Her Best Friend, Then They Discovered Something Heartbreaking 2k

We’ve seen many cases of animals having friends, even if they’re not from the same species. Such is the case for Tarra the elephant. She became best friends with a dog named Bella many years ago when Bella wandered into Tarra’s enclosure. The two spent every moment together and would love each others company.

Even when Bella hurt her paw and needed to rest indoors for a few weeks, Tarra stood as close as she could to the building Bella was in for the whole time, staying at close to her friend as possible.

But sad news came in when the enclosure workers found Bella lifeless near some trees. They looked at all the marks on Bella and concluded she was the victim of a coyote attack. But they also noticed where Bella was found wasn’t where she was injured, and noticed that Tarra brought her best friend home for her final rest

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