Elderly Couple Laughed At As They Walked To The Dance Floor. Their Routine Was Completely Unexpected 16k

The saying we’ve all heard before is: it’s not your age that defines you, but how young you feel on the inside. That being said, there’s so many young folk acting much older than their age and so many older folk acting much younger, anything goes!

This elderly couple used to be quite the dancing couple back in their days but they had stopped due to their bodies unable to keep up with their spirit. When they heard that there would be a dancing competition at the senior’s centre, they practised a special routine.

Both dressed up in their best clothes, they made their way to the centre of the dance floor. Everyone laughed as they were walking on, expecting a short routine that might end badly, but everyone was left taking their laughs back, they were blown away!

Pete and Beulah Mae are certainly still young at heart.

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