Dying Whale Made A Cry For Help To Divers, Then They Noticed What Was Wrong 8k

It’s nice to know then when we are hurt or sick, there doctors and people we can see to help us get better. But for animals, they don’t have that option and can’t speak out either.

Cesar Espino was diving with his friends when he noticed a large Bryde whale swimming nearby in the Canary Islands, Spain. Looking closer at the whale, they noticed something wasn’t right and there was something hanging off from the whale.

They saw that the whale had been tangled in fishing gear for at least a few days by the looks of the whale, severely malnourished and moving slowly.

Cesar quickly went down with a small knife and began cutting away at the rope, taking small breaks to come up for breath before going back down. It’s as if the whale knew it was being helped, since it didn’t swim away from Cesar or the divers until he was completely untangled.

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