Duo Begin Skating To “Sound Of Silence”. Their Moves Has Everyone Stunned 10k

Figure skating is one the most entertaining sports to watch, skaters brilliantly gliding on ice to create a routine that looks like it defies all logic.

It takes incredibly practice and skill to be able to dance on ice, let alone do it quickly and flawlessly. Figure skaters Morgan Cipres and Vanessa James went as a duo to the International Skating Union’s World Team Trophy 2017 in Tokyo, Japan, to try their hand at getting first place.

While all the contestants put on a remarkable show, Morgan and Vanessa showed incredible talent with their skates, with every minute of their performance more entertaining than the last.

Their choice of song, Simon and Garfunkel’s “Sound Of Silence”, provided a perfect cue to pull off their elegant and skilful routine.

Keep watching as they display a performance unlike any other.

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