Down Syndrome Teen Was Rejected Just Before Homecoming. When A Girl Said THIS To Him, His Mom Cried! 3k

17-year-old Daniel wanted to go to homecoming but was turned down. That’s when classmate Kylie stepped up to do something that made big news, her sweet proposal made social media.

She heard Daniel was looking for a date for homecoming, so she went out of her way to ask him to the dance. When Daniel’s mom found out, she was in tears, knowing that someone out there would do that for her son, it really touched her heart!

Their story touched so many people that Fox 5’s Surprise Squad got word of what happened and they decided to work their magic and step it to make the day amazing for them both. They offered them a luxury car to chauffeur them to the homecoming dance, giving them an experience they’ll never forget.

Mom said what made her cry wasn’t the facet that Daniel has a disability, it was the fact that Kylie didn’t see any disability in him.

Daniel has high hopes, he wants to go to college and become a successful chef and mom is willing to do anything to provide that for him! Everyone knows him as a hard worker and a boy who never gives up, no matter how difficult it gets!

The surprise squad gave them surprise after surprise, and ended up giving them tickets to Disneyland, a $10,000 scholarship for college and so much more. No one was able to hold back their tears, Daniel really deserved it all!

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