Down Syndrome Teen Scores His Dream Touchdown To Make His Terminally Ill Mom Smile 1k

Robby Heil is a treasure to Michigan’s Novi High School football team and is a beloved member of the team. He has always admired the sport but with his Down Syndrome, finds it difficult to keep up on the field. He decided he still wanted to be a part of the team and took on the role as the water boy, while suiting and booting up every now and then to play on the big field.

Recently the team learned that his mom who was looking after him full time was diagnosed with cancer at an advanced stage. They wanted to do something that would make him and his mom happy as they truly and thoroughly deserve it.

She was sitting on the sideline, unaware that anything was planned for her and taking photos of Rob on the field and witnessed her son score his first ever touchdown, leaving her full of tears!

“No matter how bad a day he’s having, it’s a smile from ear to ear and the opportunity to put that helmet on tonight, it brought tears to my eyes tonight and tears all over the place,” team head coach Jeff Burnside told WDIV.

The team they were facing up against were also in on the surprise and made sure it was a memorable day for everyone!

Mom Debbie Hell said she couldn’t hold back her joy and broke down in tears of happiness.

“This team has been instrumental in helping me get him to practice while i’m at chemo. It takes a village to raise my son and this village has really been outstanding,” Heil told WDIV.

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