Down Syndrome Boy Thought He Would Never See Graduation, Then His Twin Had A Surprise For Him 836

Twins have a special bond that no one else could relate to, their connection is something only they will understand and will last a lifetime. For Austin and Ty, this meant that no matter where life took them, they’d always be there for each other. They were both born at the exact same time but Ty was born with Down Syndrome. During the early years it didn’t set them apart but after 6th grade Ty had to attend a special school that would cater his needs better.

Fastword to now and both 18 years old, Austin had his graduation coming up. His mom, Cheryl, ordered Austin his cap and gown, but he looked at her and asked, “What about Ty’s ?”. This left mom in tears, saying that Austin’s actions for his brother was making her dreams come true.

“He’s been with me throughout every memorable moment I can think of” Austin said, and didn’t want to walk down in his gown alone.

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