Doctors Noticed Something Unusual Walking Through Hospital, The Truth Had Them Stunned 5k

There’s nothing fun or enjoyable about spending time in hospital, it’s a place to get better but everyone would rather be in the comfort of their homes. For patient Nancy Franck at the Mercy Hospital Centre in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, she was still due to stay in hospital for another couple of days after she fell ill.

She missed her dog, Sissy, who was home alone and had family visiting her to feed her. But something unusual happened, the doctors and security noticed something unusual in the security cameras. “We looked up and there was this dog running across the lobby”.

Sissy the puppy had found her way to the hospital to be united with her owner. She had miraculously travelled over 15 blocks to get there, and it was a pleasant surprise for Nancy and the rest of the family. Doctors and nurse said it was the first time they had seen it. Now that’s loyalty!

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