Divers Noticed A Whale Asking For Help, Then It Did Something To Really Surprise Them 6k

Diver James Moskito and a group of more volunteers noticed a humpback whale, drowning after it was caught in crab fishing nets just off the coast of the Farallon Island. They had to act quick but also be very careful, they were almost nothing compared to the size of the enormous mammal. James and the team rushed into the cold water, noting the giant looking at them ever so patiently, knowing she was in desperate need of help and that they were here to help her. They went on to work non stop until they were able to free the whale, taking over 5 hours of coordinated work to do so.

After they had set her free, they noticed the whale coming back at them, slowly, and gently nudging everyone to display her joy and affection, her way of thanking her rescuers from a terrible fate.

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