Distressed Mother Goose Knocks On Officer’s Car, They Follow To Discover Her Baby Dying 11k

We like to know anytime we have an emergency, we have the right people able to respond and help us, especially when there is a life in danger. That’s exactly what this mother goose thought too, when her gosling got trapped in a string from a balloon which had found its way out there and been long popped. Unable to help her baby out herself, she sought down the nearest help she could find, and lucky for her it was Cincinnati Police Officers Cecilia Charron and James Givens. Unaware of how to handle the gosling properly, they called the local animal services but were unable to help through the phone since they couldn’t see how the baby was tied up. Not wanting to make the mother more anxious, they carefully unwrapped all the string and set the little one free, making mom do a small jump for joy before returning back to the rest of the family.

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