Deer Carefully Approaches Mysterious “Figure”, Next Action Has Everyone Laughing 643

We’ve all built snowmen at one point or another, some of us even make sure to continue it as a year tradition around winter and Christmas.

The basics of building a snowman requires a hat, a nose, eyes and a mouth, and traditionally the nose is carrot.

So when this deer stumbled across a snowman for the first time, it was careful as it approached it from behind.

Unsure of what it was, it stayed back until it was sure it was friendly, before getting closer. That’s when it noticed a treat stuck on its nose, the carrot!

After joyfully eating the carrot, it looked around, and the noticed more carrots were stuck on its head, as its hair.

The deer knew exactly what to do next, as she took no time in eating all of the ‘hair’ carrots too!

The deer now knows that snowmen are delicious!

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