Dad Turns On His Daughter’s Favorite Song And Mom Had To Get The Camera Out And Record Her 2k

Anyone who had the opportunity to grow up watching Disney films will know how it was one of the best things about childhood. It introduced many of our favorite characters and we just couldn’t get enough. Kids these days have an ear wider variety of Disney films and characters to explore and they love it just as much.

Wit the release of ‘Frozen’ one of Disney most popular franchises, the main song “Let It Go” because a huge success outside of the film and topped many charts and became many kids’ favorite song.

Brittny Pittman and her family adore Frozen and have all learned the lyrics to “Let It Go” by heart, they often sing it together. On a road trip, she recorded her husband, Billy, and daughter, Blakely, singing it together in a fantastic fashion.

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