Dad Tells His Baby Daughter It’s Time For Bed, But Didn’t Expect Her To Fight Back 6k

It can be difficult putting a young one to bed, they will try everything they can to avoid bed time. This is one of the struggles of being a parent, it’s a constant battle every night to get the kids to sleep so that they can wake up early and have a long day ahead of them.

Manny Rego has been a dad for just over 19-months now with the arrival of his baby daughter. But now that she can understand communication and talk back in her own language, she is always putting up arguments against sleeping. Sophia has learned how to argue back with her dad and uses her adorable self to try and win arguments all the time.

She refuses to put on her pajamas for bed, insisting to have her milk and sleep as she is, but dad isn’t having none of that and puts up a good fight.

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