Dad Receives Wishes From Soldier Son On His 70th Birthday, Isn’t Prepared For Who’s Behind Him 2k

It’s not easy having to spend time away from family and friends, especially when a special event is coming up and knowing you might be unable to attend. When Rich Sr. turned a heathy 70-years-old, he was thrown a loving party by the extended family, friends and neighbors for being the kind hearted man he is.

As the party events were going on, the doorbell rung and Rich Sr. was met by someone in a gorilla costume at the door holding a birthday balloon and a video of special message sent all the way to him from his son, who he thought was serving abroad. U.S Air Force Lieutenant Rich Jr. had recorded a special message for his dad’s big day and it overwhelmed his dad but was still incomplete since he couldn’t hold him in his arms. But after the message finished, the person in the gorilla costume showed themselves again and revealed who they were. Needless to say, there wasn’t a singly dry eye in the room.

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