Dad Joins Teen For Talent Show. His Voice Has Everyone In Awe 1k

Jared Watson was always told he could be anything he wanted to be if he put his mind to it, despite being born with spinal muscular atrophy, his mom and dad always wanted him to follow his dreams.

As Jared grew older, he was starting to learn himself what his limitations were, but there were still things he could do, so he wanted to be great at those.

One of his favorite hobbies is singing, and he usually gets the help of hid dad, to play the guitar, while he sings his favorite songs.

When he heard the school was running a talent show, he mad a special request to allow his dad to join him on stage. At this point, no one in his class knew he could sing so good, leaving them all in awe at his incredibly ability.

People from all over have come out to comment on his ‘perfect’ voice and praising him for how gifted he is! We think he’s incredible.

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