Dad Dedicated His Song To His Son Who Passed Away From Cancer, And The Judges Loved It 2k

No parent should ever have to go through the pain of watching their child pass away before them, it is so heartbreaking and can take almost forever to recover from it and finally move on. Some parents keep that pain with them and others find a way to use their loss to carry on their life doing things that would have made their child proud.

One 25-year-old dad, Johnny Shelton, knew he wanted to be a musician from the young age of six when he got his first guitar and fell in love with music. He always taught his son to smile and find joy in everything, but tragedy struck and he lost him to cancer on his 5th birthday. It’s been rough years for Johnny but he continues to remember his son through his music, the only way he could find peace and feel close to his son.

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