Dad Cries After Belting Out Beautiful Performance With His Three Sons 2k

The Neales aren’t any ordinary group, they’re a family with one goal, and that’s to make dad’s dream come true.

60 year old dad Laurie suffered from a heart attack ten years ago and decided it was time he changed his life and to follow what he had always wanted, to sing!

It took him a while to convince his three sons, who are all in their twenties, to join him on stage at ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, to help him achieve his biggest dream.

Laurie said it was his ‘last chance’ he will get to do anything major in his life, so he wanted to do it with his boys.

Their choice of song, “When Will I Be Loved” by The Everly Brothers, had all of their harmonies working perfectly together and had everyone excited and cheering them on, even the judges!

They belted a great performance and the judges were excited to see them again soon.

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