Dad Collapses At The Airport When He Notices Who’s Standing In Font Of Him 28k

Dyan and his family’s story has been far from that of a happy, united family. Back in 2012, Dyan and his wife, Alik, along with their children had to flee from their homeland Sudan, to escape brutal conditions. Their only option was to flee to refugee camps set up in neighbouring countries. It was during their hasty exit from Sudan that they got separated, Dyan had lost his wife and kids and had no way of finding them again. His wife and kids made it safely to a camp and she was processed as a single mother with kids, while Dyan was processed as a single male, which mean he was placed on the bottom of the list to be resettled.

Some time later, Alik and the kids arrived in Fort Worth, Texas, ready to begin their new lives but missing their husband and father everyday, trying to discover a way to find him. By some miracle, she met two moms who were nearby neighbors, Molly and Mary Claire, and they were volunteers at Catholic Charities, who help out in resettling refugees. When Alik told her story, they were determined to do whatever they could to track Dyan and have him sent over to Fort Worth.

It had been four years since they had last seen each other, and they were all about to witness a miracle. After countless days and weeks of phone calls and emails and paperwork, Dyan was flown in and ready to be greeted by his family at the airport. When he saw his wife and kids standing there, he broke down in tears.

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