Cowboy’s Wish Was For His Horse To Attend His Funeral, And Something Magical Happened 6k

Cowboy Wagner Lima was a tragically young 34-years-old when he passed away in a tragic motorcycle accident on New Years Day ’17.

He left behind many friend and family who loved and cared for him dearly, but also another special being who he treasured the most, his horse Sereno, who meant everything to him.

They had been together for many years and everyone know they shared a bond so special that it could not be found anywhere else in the world.

After Wagner’s unfortunate passing, his brother Wando was dedicated to making sure the horse would able to see off Wagner for the final time, and that’s when something beautiful happened. Sereno knew exactly what happened and was stood next the the casked the whole time, often resting on it and grieving heavily.

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