Expecting Couple Stunned At Rainbow Confetti For Gender Reveal, Then Notice Box On The Floor 4k

Gender reveals are a great way to celebrate the baby on the way and for mom and dad to start buying stuff for their boy or girl. When Chris and Tracy Maschke finally decided to have a child after being happily married for two years, they wanted to invite their close friends and family to celebrate it with them.

Their family had organized a gender reveal party and only they knew the real gender, keeping it a secret from the expecting couple and hosting a small reveal party in their front yard. As Chris and Tracy stood with big balloon, they were eager to pop it to see which color the confetti was inside, but were stunned when it was rainbow confetti. They looked around to see where this was leading to, then they were told to check the box on the floor, and that didn’t help either. They were confused and thought the gender reveal had gone wrong and someone made a mistake organizing it all, but as they looked up again, they noticed another balloon coming in.

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