Couple Devastated After Two Failed Adoptions, Had No Idea Their Lives Would Change Overnight 568

Soulmates Kaley and Jeremy always knew they wanted to have children, everything about the idea excited them. The two had known each other since grade school, and continued to co-incedntally go to the same schools, even through to high-school when they first started dating each other.

The thought of having children was always exciting for the couple who have been married for 9 years. After being unable to conceive their own, they had no hesitation looking for adoption opportunities.

They met one expecting mother who initially wanted to give her baby to the couple, and the couple began building their nursery and reading everything about raising a baby. But as the pregnancy continued, the mother changed her mind and the couple were left with nothing.

After another failed adoption, they thought it would be near impossible to see their dream, but it all changed overnight. In just 24 hours, they became the parents to 4 children, and they couldn’t be happier!

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