Couple Adopt Neighbors Kids When She Got Diagnosed With Cancer, But Found Something Odd In Their House 2k

It’s not easy looking after kids, being a single parent and sick at the same time. Mother of three Audrey had to resort to her neighbors to help here when she had to visit the hospital to have some tests done, she was feeling very poorly and a visit was long overdue.

She asked her next door neighbors, couple Tisha and Kevin, if they could look after her three kids for a while as she went for the tests and they happily agreed, mom Tisha even offered to go with her but told she needn’t.

It was deeply saddening when Audrey’s test results came back and she was diagnosed with stage 2 oesophageal and stomach cancer. Her first thought was who was going to look after her kids when she eventually passed, she had no family and took a deep breath before gathering the courage to ask her neighbors.

Without hesitation, Tisha and Kevin happily accepted, already being parents of 5 children, they knew exactly how to raise her kids just as their mother would want.

Not long after all the procedures went through, Audrey was happy despite being in pain that her kids had lovely guardians to look over them for the rest of their lives, before she passed away.

When Fox5 Surprise Squad got word of the Tisha and Kevin’s act of generosity and humanity, they wanted to surprise the couple and their children to something special.

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