Country Singers Head To Mountains For Inspiration. The Result Will Bring You To Tears! 2k

“God Bless The USA” first released in 1984 by Lee Greenwood became immensely popular again after the horrible events of war in recent times. It shot up in popularity after the September 11 attacks and many other notable dates. The patriotic songs encompasses what it means to be American and how proud we are of the USA.

Listening to the lyrics closely, it about how a man would happily start his life in the USA if he had nothing, because it is the land of freedom and land of opportunity. It talks about how many have sacrificed their lives to bring about freedom and that he will willing put his life on the line to defend it for his fellow Americans too.

Home Free, a country all-vocal band fro Minnesota recently took the country to do their incredible a cappella cover of the song, and it is every bit fantastic.

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