College Football Star Stuns Everyone By Handing Over His Homecoming Crown Over To His Best Friend! 2k

Max Akin is a local foot-ball star at his college, and was most in favor of receiving the homecoming king title that year. He had a feeling that he would receive it but he knew exactly what he would do if he did. When he did receive the crow, he knelt down and asked his friend K.L. Norwood, who has cerebral palsy to take it from him as he deserved it more.

“My favorite quarterback right here,” says team manager K.L. Norwood, slapping his buddy on the shoulder pads.

“I didn’t know when I would have the right time to do it,” Akin said. “But I saw K.L., came over and gave him a hug, and I knew that he wanted that crown more than anything.”

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