Class Was Banned From Singing ‘The Lords Prayer’ But They Stood Up To Respond In Style 6k

A school tradition at a top Ohio high school has long been to sing the Lord’s Prayer. One year it was banned by the school board, but a group of the seniors students found a way to hold true to their age old tradition.

East Liverpool High School, Ohio, have included the Lord’s Prayer as part of their graduation ceremony for over seventy years. One year, the school board comprising of school officials, prohibited the song being sung due to pressure of being sued by the Freedom from Religion Foundation, on the grounds that promoting religion was breaking the U.S Constitution. “It was a decision made because we don’t have a lot of money and we’d rather hire teachers than pay lawyers,” school board president Larry Walton told.

While many were afraid to sing it, a class of seniors were visibly upset and angered that they had to stop their age old tradition. They were determined to do so anyway and recited the prayer regardless of it being axed from the ceremony.

“It was totally spontaneous, apparently something the kids wanted to do. I had no knowledge of it. The crowd seemed to support it,” East Liverpool Superintendent Melissa Watson said.

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