Christina Aguilera’s Impression Of Britney Spears Has Everyone Cheering 1k

Comedic show host Jimmy Fallon loves inviting celebs on to his show and does all sorts of fun and exciting things with them. One of his most popular activities is what he calls the “Wheel of Musical Impression”, where Jimmy and his celebrity guest are tasked with impersonating other celebrities, past or present, and singing a part of their hit song. It always ends in laughter as everyone tries their best.

However, when Christina Aguilera was invited on to the show, everyone discovered she was in fact amazing as impressions, noting that her impersonation of Britney Spears’ “This Little Piggy” was as accurate as it could have been. She also goes on to impersonate Cher and Shakira, leaving the audience thoroughly entertained at her multiple talents!

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