Celine Dion Joins Andrea Bocelli To Sing A Prayer For His Recent Loss, And It Had Everyone In Tears 20k

Music has often been named as the language of the heart and rightfully so, it can reach emotions in someone that words otherwise could not.

Andrea Bocelli, blind from the age of 12, is an Italian tenor who has composed and performed some incredible pieces during his lifetime so far. He’s had the incredible opportunity of working with all sorts of artists and singers, and on in particular had a special place in his heart, Elizabeth Taylor.

They had worked together quite a bit and they were very fond of each other, all of their performance were absolutely magical. He was deeply saddened when he heard about her passing and often searched for music to heal him.

Here Celine Dion joined him on stage, as she had done many years ago, to sing “The Prayer” specially dedicated to Elizabeth and everyone else.

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