Cafe Owner Hired A Homeless Man For A Day To Earn His Dinner. What She Found Out Had Her Emotional 6k

Any cafe or restaurant owner is used to the regular homeless person walking in asking for some free grub or small change to keep them going. But one cafe owner had a different approach, making the man work for his earn.

At Abi’s Cafe in Minneapolis, Minnesota, cafe owner Cesia Abigail was met by a homeless man who kindly asked if he could have some money. She asked why he didn’t have a job and earn his way like everyone else.

Marcus the homeless man went on to tell her that he’d been job hunting for a couple years and that no one would employ him because of the criminal record he holds. He was convinced of multiple felonies, including stealing and panhandling so he could buy himself some food.

Instead of just telling him to leave and turning her back, Cesia made a deal with him, if he worked for a few hours he would earn a meal and some change on top. And then both of their lives changed from then on.

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