Bullied A Kid For His Size, He Followed His Dreams To Sing And Left Everyone Speechless 4k

Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwo’ole hasn’t always had the easiest childhoods. He was larger than other kids his age in school and was often ridiculed about it. But instead of letting it bring him down, he used it as motivation to leave his critics silenced.

Born in 1959 in Hawaii, his name roughly translates to “The Fearless Eye, The Bold Face” and that is exactly what he has become ever since he decided to follow his dreams to become a singer.

He first got a taste for performing when he picked up the microphone at a family run business, where his father was security and his mother ran the place. From the early age of 10 his mom and dad would encourage him to pick up his ukulele, which he loved playing at home, and to perform in front of a larger crowd. At that very moment everyone knew Israel would go far with his ukulele and voice paired together.

One of his more popular hits “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” caught the attention of many and gave him his big break. Unfortunately, Israel passed away at the young age of 38, but his music and legacy lives on through his family and fans.

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