Bride Watches Groom Kiss And Dance With A Special Woman At Their Wedding, Everyone’s In Tears 14k

Kristeena and Luke always planned the perfect wedding, they had spent months perfecting every detail and dreamed of it being the most perfect say in their lives. And it was, everyone was having a great time and it was like a dream come true for both of them. But there was a moment during the wedding that made it more memorable than most. The groom, Luke, took to the dance floor with his mother, who suffers from ALS, which as left her bound to a wheelchair for most of her everyday life. Luke got down and began pushing the wheelchair around, creating a dance routine with his mother, and it had all the guests in tears at the pure beauty of it.

Kristeena commented that her husband Luke was happy that he was able to share a special moment like that with his mom before she passed away.

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