Bride Shares A Dance With Her Father, Doesn’t Expect Someone To Walk Up On Stage 2k

Everyone wants their big day to be special to them, to be full of happiness, excitement and lots of memories. So when Paul Getz proposed to his girlfriend Lisa, they started planning their dream wedding straight away.

They got married in the April of 2006, their seeing ceremony and reception was going to plan, but there was one detail Lisa’s dad, Dave, didn’t tell his daughter and son in law. He had invited someone very special to their wedding, someone they both were big fans of, Tim McGraw.

As Lisa and her father started the father-daughter dance, that was Tim’s cue to get up stage and start singing “My Little Girl”. Lisa took a moment to recognize the voice and then she was blown away, knowing her perfect wedding was even better than she had imagined.

“It took me quite a while to process what exactly was happening,” Lisa told FOX. “It was amazing.”

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