Twin Boys Begin On The Trumpets, Then The Rest Of The Family Join And Leave Everyone Amazed 3k

The real power of a band not only comes from their skills but their ability to coordinate with each other to make the music flow flawlessly as everyone puts in their work to make a masterpiece. A young band called “Pelican 212” appeared on tv show ‘Little Big Shots’ that allows younger musicians, singers and other talented kids to showcase their talents and to leave everyone amazed. The group features twin 11-year-old boys, Max and Kolbe, who excel at playing the trumpets and singing. They started the show off and everyone was overthrown by their voices, but when the rest of the group, Katie (guitar), Angelle (piano and drums), Marie (trombone and bass), Giovanni (trumpet) and Mollie (trumpet and drums) joined in, it became a wonderfully entertaining performance. Their rendition of “When The Saints Go Marching In” was one of the best we’ve seen and boasted so much energy and charisma.

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