Boy Tries Learning His First Instrument, Dog’s Singing Has It Going Viral 547

Almost all of us remember wanting to learn as many instruments as we could when we were young kids.

The thought of being able to play the guitar, drums, piano and more, it really excited us to want to try it and be like the musicians we see and hear.

This young boy however wanted to try out a harmonica as his first instrument, he heard his dad play it in the house a couple times and thought it sounded great.

So dad handed over his harmonica to hit little boy, who began playing it like we all do, blowing into with no idea what we’re doing.

As soon as the dog heard, he ran over, sat down and wanted to join in by creating a duo! The dog began singing and howling, as if to create a blues song!

They might not know what they’re doing, but they’ve got great teamwork, and it definitely looks like they’re the best of friends.

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