Boy Takes Deep Breaths On A Dark Stage Before He Starts, Audience Gasp As Lights Come On 12k

There’s always a star to be found amongst the contestant of talent search shows. Britain’s Got Talent has had its fair share of young potential stars who have gone on to become global icons.

When Ronan Parke appeared on the show in 2011, he left everyone in love with him, his voice and personality was a perfect match, the ingredients for a superstar. During the finals, he was accompanied by a full choir behind him to give an extra ‘oomph’ to make a magical performance while singing Kelly Clarkson’s “Because Of You.”

The judges, especially Davi Hasselhoff, had every bit of confidence that Ronan could sing it beautifully and hit all the correct notes. The response he got from all the judges and crowd had him overwhelmed, with tears building up in his eyes and his smile going from eat to ear.

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